PC to Phone      Make Cheap Phone Calls from Your PC.

Pay As You Go    Signup Bonus: charge $25 and get a $5 free!

  PC-to-Phone - Savings   PC-to-Phone - Super Savings

Monthly Plans    Signup Bonus: $2, $3 or $4 worth of international calling!

  PC-to-Phone - North America 400   PC-to-Phone - North America 1000   PC-to-Phone - International 1250
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Features and Benefits of PC-to-Phone

Low Rates

PC-to-Phone - Low Rates  

Easy to Use

PC-to-Phone - Easy to Use  

Quick Setup

PC-to-Phone - Quick Setup  

Risk Free

PC-to-Phone - Risk Free

Our PC-to-Phone helps you make cheap international phone calls.

PC-to-Phone - UK Rate London
PC-to-Phone - Israel Rate Israel 3
PC-to-Phone - India Rate India 16

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PC-to-Phone is Simple to Use
All you need is a computer and a headset to start making cheap internet calls.
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PC-to-Phone Sets Up Fast
Download our PC-to-Phone dialer. Installs in minutes. Start making calls today.
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PC-to-Phone Guarantee
Try us for 30 days. If not satisfied, get your money back. Guaranteed.
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