Internet Telephony


A pioneer in Internet telephony since 1996, iConnectHere serves millions of customers worldwide with award winning quality phone services. Our high-quality Internet telephony solutions have become viable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional telephone calling. deltathree has won numerous awards for its products, services, and global network. To learn more about Internet telephony, please keep reading or follow this link: Internet Telephony Information.

What is Internet Telephony?


Internet Telephony refers to communication services such as voice, fax, and voice messaging applications that are transported via the Internet - rather than the public switched telephone network. The basic steps that iConnectHere, powered by Deltathree, has taken to originate Internet telephony are the conversion of the analog voice signal into digital format and compression /translation of the signal into Internet protocol. In a short period of time, iConnectHere and Internet telephony have evolved. With support for PC-to-Phone calls, phone-to-phone calls, and Phone-to-PC calls, Internet telephony represents a significant opportunity for the integration of voice and data networks and elimination of substantial costs for consumers, enterprises, and carriers. If you are interested in learning more about Internet telephony please keep reading. You can also learn more about Internet Telephony and the services we provide by following this link to our homepage. Internet Telephony Information

The Benefits of Internet Telephony


Retail customers have begun to embraced Internet Telephony as lowered call costs have established themselves. Corporations, small businesses, and even individual customers have reduced their phone bills by supporting full duplex- real time communication. IConnectHere will continue to optimize our privately-held network to let Internet Telephony reach its true potential. The launch of session initiation protocol (SIP) will push Internet telephony forward, allowing value added developments to Internet telephony, and rapid call setup and teardown.
With iConnectHere Internet telephony, you will enjoy low rates and smart Internet telephony calling plans. IConnectHere, an Internet Telephony service provider, has a leading global brand name with regard to VoIP services. As Internet telephony continues to grow in popularity, iConnectHere continues to work to help Internet telephony grow and reach its full potential. With Internet telephony services from iConnectHere, pc-to-phone rates to the US are as low as 1.2 cents/min, with more programs and promotions constantly being developed to provide you affordable rates with the most optimal service. Internet telephony continues to evolve, and iConnectHere continues to work to help make Internet telephony as beneficial as possible to all of our customers. To learn more about iConnectHere and Internet Telephony please take the time to visit our homepage.

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